Friday, August 19, 2011

King of Your Castle

So yesterday we went to my new favorite place. It was a bouncy castle world. We have been looking for something to keep the kids active during these oh so HOT days of August and some friends invited us out. It is an out of the way small town place, so perfect for my diverse group. Well almost perfect. As soon as you walk in the door there is a giant inflatable shark slide that scared the piss out of my very sensitive Rev. He was happy to eat pizza and play in the eating area while watching his daring brothers careen from one inflatable house of doom to the next. He'll warm up, he just needs a little time. On a good note upon arrival, he yells "Oh no shark, all done, no no, all done, car, go home, all done." Just saying look at my little communicator, he has come sooo far! Even if he is screaming this in a total panic lol.

I love this place though because the kids can scream as loud as they want do what they want, and Rev and I can sit there and watch from afar... in safety... away from giant sharks. It is really hard to find ways to get Cotton active, and here he was climbing walls, jumping through hoops, gleefully running through obstacle courses, a sensory wonderland really... for him.... maybe sensory hell for Rev... just pointing out the obvious. The best part was that it was a place that Landon and Cotton could play together! No real skill necessary, Landon and Cotton were holding hands giggling the whole way, what is not to love....sorry Rev.

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