Monday, August 22, 2011

How to Have Three Boys... and Avoid Thomas the Train

Rev, has become enamored with trains... I know what 3 year old boy is not. Oddly enough Cotton was never drawn to trains as a toddler, Landon liked them, but was never much for Thomas exactly. What's wrong with Thomas you ask? Nothing really, I just think they are a little creepy. Although I do concede that the newer more animated Thomas episodes are a lot less creepy, I'm still just not sold lol. I'm not the only one, Landon refuses to watch the old episodes where the characters mouths don't move, he says "They look like puppets, and I don't like puppets." I'm sensing some drama I should know about.. ok but now I'm getting off track (pun intended)

So I was dangerously close to a Thomas obsession. Rev fell in love with the trains at a doctor's office. We have a few trains around the house and he was asking for movies non stop. Then I remembered we had an attic full of Geo Trax. These are less creepy remote control trains, and we have tons of tracks and all the bells and whistles that go with it. We also have a few of the movies Rev was hooked immediately and now my living room is a maze of tracks and trains, and little men... and stop signs that really hurt when you step on them. My kids say things like "tracktastic" and even Cotton is getting in on the fun. I caught him secretly rolling a train around the track. careful that no one was watching. So the lesson here, is that you can't take the trains out of boyhood, but if your lucky you might just avoid Thomas.

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Mom to JBG said...

Tracktastic! Nobody cares much about Thomas at our house either. Greg did used to love Sir Topham Hat for a while.

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