Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Landon is a little on the bossy side. You know he comes by it honestly, and he has a little brother that is willing to do almost anything he asks of him. Cotton is of course his older brother, but Landon LOVES to be in charge. Cotton was helping me with dinner, he took out the colander and was putting it on the sink, when Landon came over and started to tell him how to do it. Cotton looked over at his brother and says "NOT TEACHER!" Wow that was so incredible on so many levels.

This is the first time that Cotton has said anything like this, he wasn't asking for a need, or trying to tell us about something that happened. This was original and appropriate! This also comes on the heels of an increase in medication. I always freak out when we make changes to his meds. but he has grown a great deal this summer, and he was due for a reevaluation. We have seen a lot of good things as a result of this change, so I'm hoping to see some more. We've been "stuck" for a while, nothing dramatic, just no huge developmental jumps. Maybe this will help us over this plateau.


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